Winners of Youth Organization national painting, storytelling festivals announced

TEHRAN – The second ‘Ashti’ national painting festival and the first ‘Kindness Planet’ national storytelling festival winners were announced in an especial ceremony held at Milad Tower’s Dolphin Park.

Hundreds of children attended the ceremony where IRCS Youth Organization President Dr. Masoud Habibi was also present. Addressing the cheering crowd of children he said: “You are the Red Crescent’s blooms; you are our kindness ambassadors.”

“All of you are representatives of the Youth Organization in society and I want to ask you to seek kindness as your top priority in life,” Dr. Masoud Habibi told the attendees.

The second ‘Ashti’ national painting festival winners were announced at the ceremony and received their awards. According to Youth Organization Deputy Dr. Saeed Babaee, 37 works were selected from more than 50,000 works sent to the festival secretariat. Ashti festival was held during Norouz holidays while children between 5 and 12 had the opportunity to deliver their paintings that were created with a focus on peace, friendship, mutual understanding, kindness, and living together.

Sixty three winners of the first ‘Kindness Planet’ national storytelling festival also received their awards from Youth Organization president. Children of 5 to 12 told their 5-minute stories to an automatic telephone system that recorded their voices. The festival theme was ‘helping each other, respecting the elders and respecting others’ rights’. Further, the works of those children who wrote stories on how they learned about the Red Crescent were received as part of the festival.

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