Pakistan Red Crescent looking for expansion of relations with the Iranian side: PRCS Sec-General

TEHRAN – Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) secretary general and chairman visited Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Youth Organization headquarters in Tehran.

Meeting with the IRCS Youth Organization Deputy Dr. Amir Lalegani, PRCS Secretary General Dr. Rezvan Naser expressed his country’s willingness to initiate joint cooperation with the Iranian side saying, working with the IRCS would be a good opportunity for Pakistan.

Dr. Rezvan Naser further stressed on the significance of expansion of mutual between the two countries especially on young volunteers. He said: “We are ready to send our young volunteer members to Iran to learn from IRCS Youth Organization experiences from which we have already received new precious ideas.”

Dr. Amir Lalegani, IRCS Youth Organization deputy, explained the activities and strategies admitted by the Youth Organization saying all the organization’s activities are in the framework of International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) strategies and Iran’s masterplans.

Dr. Amir Lalegani said: “The Youth organization has signed several memorandums of understanding with ministries of education, health and science and technology in order to move forward the goals set by the plans.”  He further said more than 8,000 student clubs has been set up at schools in almost every parts of Iran.

We have also started charity clubs which help people really in need who live in villages, he said.

According to the IRCS officials ‘Mah-e No’ and ‘Mahe-e Mehrban’ are the two magazines the organization publishes in order to strengthen its contact with the volunteer members. A social media network called “Mah-e No” has also been used as a main gateway for sharing experience among members.

“Pakistan Red Crescent has around 3 million members and we also have established different clubs. The club members are from 150 universities and 25,000 schools,” PRCS Secretary General Dr. Rezvan Naser said adding that they are ready to use this potential to expand relations with the Iranians Red Crescent in the future.

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