IRCS key partner for Red Cross: representative

TEHRAN – Red Cross representative met Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Youth Organization President Dr. Masoud Habibi and discussed joint fields of cooperation between the two organizations.

Talking about the IRCS» s activities، Victoria Gardner said: «The IRCS is the Red Cross» s most important working partner. We are eager to expand cooperation in every possible field.»

Gardner said her main mission in Iran would be supporting the joint cooperation between the Red Cross and the IRCS and expanding potential capabilities for more cooperation. She further mentioned the humanitarian support Iran is providing to Afghan refugees in eastern Khorasan Razavi province and appreciated Iran» s efforts in providing help to people in Gaza and war-torn Yemen.

«Red Cross activities are mainly focused in world war-torn regions but we are also supporting people who are fleeing war and those who have survived armed conflicts،» Victoria Gardner said. She added that supporting war refugees، Afghan refugees in Iran border among them، had been the Red Cross priority.

Dr. Habibi appreciated the Red Cross operations in supporting Afghan refugees in medical and humanitarian fields saying «the work you» re doing in helping refugees is really precious». He further stressed on IRCS support for the Red Cross activities and said: «Our government has also been active in helping these people and we at the Youth Organization try to help the procedure as well».

Talking about the significance of utilizing the young volunteers» potentials Gardner said، the Red Cross invites IRCS Youth Organization members to attend the upcoming annuals conference in Geneva. «Representatives of all world Red Cross-Red Crescent societies that are members of the Geneva Commission will gather in Geneva during December،» she said.

«One of the main objectives for this year conference is to engage young people; some young volunteers have plans to launch campaigns in social media and websites asking for people» s action for humanitarian activities in the world.»
Dr. Masoud Habibi said the Red Cross had the ability to mobilize the world public opinion in order to help people affected by war and violence. He said: «You need to add efforts to project the Red Cross activities and I think they haven» t been introduced well.»

Gardner further said، the Red Cross is operating widely to help war refugees but the number of such «tragedies» is so high that the organization is not able to face all of them. «We try to lessen human beings» pains in every possible way but unfortunately the root causes for such crises are political and we need political solutions prepared by governments to resolve them،» she said.

Gardner described the high number of human resources in Iran as precious saying «the number of volunteers you have at the IRCS Youth Organization is a dream for Northern European countries».

IRCS Youth Organization president expressed hope the meeting would strengthen mutual humanitarian cooperation between the Red Cross and the IRCS in the future.

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