IFRC Middle East and North Africa zone officials visited Youth Organization headquarters


TEHRAN – Director of the Middle East and North Africa zone for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Elias Ghanem together with the office’s head of development and cooperation Ms Bayerma visited Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) Youth Organization headquarters in Tehran.

Meeting with IRCS Youth Organization President Dr. Masoud Habibi, Elias Ghanem insisted on utilizing the potential of the Iranian organization in youth sector. “Your young volunteers are highly active and their capabilities could be used for promoting peace,” he said. He further said that the upcoming MENA conference in Iraq would be a good opportunity for the young volunteers to share their ideas.

Ms Bayerma, head of IFRC MENA zone development and cooperation office, also mentioned the activities that the Iranian volunteers are doing in health care, emergency and mental protection saying such activities “prove that Iranian young volunteers have a wide range of capabilities”. She further asked for Iranian volunteers to be active in humanitarian diplomacy. “Iranian Red Crescent Society president insisted on boosting the organization activities in the MENA region; something we welcome at the MENA office,” she added.

IRCS Youth Organization president mentioned various activities currently underway in Iran’s provinces saying “we have plans to transfer our experiences in the Middle East region with the help of a network of young members and the upcoming conference in Iraq would be a proper opportunity for us”.

Dr. Masoud Habibi further said: “We hope to build an international network with a focus on ‘peace’ which is our region’s current need.” He added that the Iranian side was ready to put forth its operational plans to other nations.

Head of IFRC MENA zone development and cooperation office also insisted on the need to revive MENA region youth network saying “we are planning to do this with the support of our Geneva secretariat and we would receive the proposals at the upcoming conference.”

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