Red Crescent kids participated in national painting fest

TEHRAN – Over 30,000 Iranian children participated in a national painting festival named “Peace” during the ‘Norouz Traveler Health and Safety Project’ which was conducted in Norouz 2015 (March 21 – Feb. 2).

According to the IRCS Youth Organization, the festival was started together with this year Norouz Traveler Health and Safety Project and children of 5 to 12 years sent their paintings to the ‘Peace Festival’ secretariat.

The festival themes included peace, friendship, understanding, non-violence, anger control, etc. The children had the possibility to deliver their works at the Norouz Traveler Health and Safety Project stations in almost all major tourism cities and attraction spots in Iran. According to a reports published recently by the Youth Organization, over 365,000 kids used the playgrounds and gaming facilities at the tations.

The festival was designed and conducted based on the Iranian tradition of visiting families and friends during Norouz. One of the main aims for the project was to persuade parents’ reconciliation with other family members and friends.

In the framework of the painting festival, kids had the chance to learn more of peace, friendship and love of each other. It was also a reminder to the parents while they were helping their children to do the paintings. “We’re going to conduct the festival again next year due to the high number of works we received,” said Saeed Babaei, the IRCS Youth Organization deputy for students.

“Children from various citifies and villages and from different faiths attended the festival. Over 1,000 works were broadcast on a children TV network and 37 works were selected as the best works.”

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