IRCS Youth Organization programs during summer

TEHRAN – IRCS Youth Organization has projects underway to shape its members leisure time during summer.

The projects including summer camps, training workshops, educational classes, travelling programs are being conducted in all 350 Red Crescent branches in Iran.

According to Dr. Amir Lalegani, IRCS Youth Organization deputy, planning for the members’ leisure time during summer is among the top priorities of the organization. “The summer break is a golden opportunity for shaping the growth of our young members. Utilization of this period affects both the person and society positively,” he said.

According to the Youth Organization, the summer programs are divided into four categories of training and educational, social and cultural, humanitarian and religious. Also the overall goals set for the projects include providing the opportunity for members to participate in humanitarian activities, strengthening member’s first-aid skills, recruiting new volunteers, developing their ethical characteristics, etc.

The programs are being conducted in all provinces under the supervision managers and staff of the provincial branches. Meanwhile every branch has enough authority to design separate summer projects for its members. The Red Crescent clubs at universities, villages and seminaries are also participating in the summer projects.

“We had 12 summer camps last year with ‘hope and happiness’ motto in which more than 3,500 members participated. The summer camps were held in Gilan, Khorasan Razavi and Kermanshah provinces and members of the Youth Organization from all over the country came together in these three provinces,” said Dr. Lalegani. “Another 1,200 student members attended our Manjil Camp and 1,400 members participated in our jungle trekking experiences.”

According to the Youth Organization deputy a significant part of the organization’s programs this year focuses on sports and camping activities. Mountain and desert rescue training courses are also among the organization’s new programs this summer, Lalegani said. He added that several training courses have been designed for the new teams of psychologists that have been grouped in order to help people after natural disasters.

According to the Youth Organization, 385,000 young people attended the organization’s summer programs last year and it’s estimated that the number would increase by 10 percent this year.


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