IRCS Youth Organization members donate blood

TEHRAN – The coordinated plan for blood donation of IRCS Youth Organization members was implemented during the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the organization, the plan was launched immediately after the blood products reserves in Iran were at a low risky status.

The IRCS Youth Organization’s members were informed of the situation and their blood donations were received during the final week of Ramadan month.

“The plan was implemented based on the cooperation initiative sign with Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization,” said IRCS Youth Organization Deputy Dr. Amir Lalegani.

According to the official, the two organizations have signed a memorandum of understanding aiming at inviting the Youth Organization members for blood donation when the country’s blood reserves hit risky levels.

Referring to the significance of blood donation, Dr. Lalegani said: “It is a humanitarian move and the Youth Organization has assigned promoting blood donation as its top priority in Iran.”

He added: “We have also signed several memorandums of understanding with Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization about training children and young people in this regard.”

According to the Youth Organization, the Blood Transfusion Organization’s experts would address training workshops prepared by the Red Crescent in order to persuade the young generation for further attending blood donations.

The IRCS Youth Organization deputy said that the organization promotes blood donation in different occasions like the Youth Week, the Red Crescent day, etc.

More than 6,500 IRCS Youth Organization members donated their blood in the framework of a similar project during the holy month of Ramadan last year, Lalegani said.

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